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Soccer Season Coming

As springtime is approaching, that means that it is time for spring sports to start up again.

Girls soccer is a big thing at South, with many talented girls on the team. With much dedication and practice this team will be better than ever.

A big question is how good the girls think the team is going to be just as they’re starting up the season. Most of the girls had the same opinion about this.

Freshmen Macie Bolger said, “I think that the team is already a good group of girls and I’m very excited for the season just by the looks of things.”

This response is a very common one, as many girls are very confident in the things they will be able to accomplish this year.

Freshmen Annie Saunders said, “I think we’re okay, with practice we will get better.”

Saunders also added that things will always get better with practice.

Junior Brooke Montgomery said, “So far things have been good and I’m very confident in the ability our team has. The team needs good chemistry to be good.”

Many people have the opinion that only upperclassmen are on varsity or Jv. A couple of freshmen have made the Jv team.

Both Bolger and Saunders explained how tryouts went well for them and they are very excited for their season.

These girls are both freshmen who made Jv for south, and they both expressed how it takes hard work.

Montgomery said she was on varsity, also saying that she has played for South soccer every year she’s been here and has enjoyed every moment of it.

Sometimes the nerves can get the best at tryouts but these girls explained how they think they did pretty well.

Saunders also said, “They went pretty well, went to my best ability.”

Every team has a goal that they like to set at the start of the season; the girls have done so.

Bolger said, “I want to gain a strong relationship with all the girls on the team. We need to learn trust as well. A personal goal for me is to juggle 50 times and to score lots of goals.”

Bolger has a very good mindset going into this year, which will benefit her.

Saunders’ goal was to get close with the girls and go to my best ability.

Montgomery said, “We all want to win conference and districts.”

The girls have a good mindset for this season and are willing to put in work. Dedication and practice will tie this team all together.