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Meal of a Champion

Being an athlete isn’t just a hobby for these people, it turns into a whole lifestyle. Their whole career relies on them being responsible, and they need to take care of their bodies and be performance ready.

They learn to know how their bodies will react to the certain things you put in.

“Having energy is one of the most important keys to having a good game for pretty much any athlete,” said Drake Chandler.

Marquese Order, an all year around soccer player since the age of 6, has definitely found what works and doesn’t work for her pre-game nourishment.

“Fruit, Protein and granola bars always give me the energy to perform my best,” she said.

She also knows how it affects her when she doesn’t prepare herself.

“ Once before a game, I knew our team could beat them so I had pizza and ice cream and it really slowed me down. Without enough energy I can’t really get into the game,” she said.

Overall if you aren’t caring enough to do your best it will throw the whole team off knowing not everyone is prepared to give 110 percent.

Malik Stevenson is quite the high level athlete for baseball. Traveling and trying out for the national team this year he knows the importance of taking care of yourself to be a top player. Stevenson has stuck with a Gatorade and protein bar before each game. It gives him the best energy to get through the games.

“One time I had a hot dog before a game and it really slowed me down. now I know I can’t have a meal type food in order to play right,” Stevenson said. “Other than pre-game I eat what I want. My diet all around isn’t geared around baseball.”

So  far it hasn’t affected his performance so he is sticking to what he knows works.

It takes crazy nourishment to be in constant training all year around. Drake Chandler does football, track, and basketball. He has found a love of protein shakes.

“It fills me up and gives me energy for games or practices,” he said.

He also explained how important it is to always be aware of what you put into your body.

“After working out your muscle it breaks them down. food is what nourishes them to rebuild after working them,” he said.

As such an all around athlete, Drake knows a lot about preparing his body and keeping it in the tip top shape doing all these sports demands.

Eating right gives athletes the fuel to excel as an individual and team. All these successful athletes know what to put in that produces a good performance. They all experienced what bad foods can do to your actions on the field, court, or track.