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Giving Up: Senior Style

The school year is more than halfway over, and a lot of students are already wishing it were all the way over, especially seniors.


Most seniors reach a point in their final year at which they give up on school and no longer have any desire to continue working or participating in school. For some, this is the second day of school. For others, the will to exert effort left freshman year.


Senior Dakota Karns has accepted the so-called senioritis.


“I’m there, but I’m not there,” he said about his classes.


Karns said that the most evidence for him having given up happened before school in the parking lot one morning. He got to school early but didn’t want to go into class that early, so he left his car running and used his phone until he accidentally fell asleep and did not wake up until 45 minutes into first block, at which point he decided that first block was not going to be a part of his life that day. Karns waited in his car until first block ended and then went inside to be on time for second block.


Most seniors have not fallen asleep in their cars prior to school starting, but almost all can identify with the feelings of apathy associated with their final year in high school.


Senior Shae Kessler said, “It’s really frustrating because you want to do well but you can’t do well because you have no motivation because you know it doesn’t matter.”


Kessler said that she hates the word “senioritis” because it sound gross, but nonetheless accepts it as a description of her situation


Sophomore Sophie Granger does not plan on succumbing to senioritis when the time comes.


Granger said that she cannot let her schoolwork slip during her senior year because of her aspirations to be a doctor.


“What I want to do in life requires me to not be lazy and not give up. It’s a stretch and it’s not something people gravitate towards,” Granger said. “I’m going to wear myself out until I give up.”


There are ways that seniors find motivation to still come to school and still do work.


“I go to sleep at 8 p.m. and wake up super early to get stuff done,” Kessler said of her routine.


Other seniors said that study groups were a beneficial way to stay focused. They combine the social aspects that teenagers enjoy in high school with the work that must be done to make productivity itself more bearable.


Seniors also said that seeing their friends is a good motivation to come to school.


Sadly, the school year isn’t over yet, even if it has already ended in the hearts and minds of seniors.