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Lent arrives

It’s that  time of the year where Christians have the option to sacrifice a part of their lifestyle for six weeks staring Feb.10 (Ash Wednesday) to Easter, the day Jesus rose from the dead.   Taking a component out makes these six weeks more focused and connected to God with out the distractions.  Or for some, it shows the power of resisting to stay holy.

Religion isn’t always the best ice breaker for teenagers. Students don’t know most about what they were raised or personally chosen to do during this period of time.  It’s a pretty long time that you push your will powers to the limit. Well some are stricter or more focused than others, the bottom line is you all share the common goal of growing closer to God and strengthening you faith.

Keely Danielson, coming from a religious family and attends at Platte Woods Methodist regularly, is a sophomore here at South.

She said,” Lent is a time when you give something up for God. ”

Previously she has given up sweets and television, describing them both as a successful Lent.

To see from the other side Scott Storey is raised by Christian parents but himself is not religious. He did hear about the Christian tradition and the concept though has never participated.

“I think that it does all make since for those who are religious.”

Overall Lent isn’t in his lifestyle and has no plans for it in the future for now.

With a bit of a twist Ali Cloud is religious but her branch of Christianity doesn’t participate in Lent.

“It’s good that you guys participate in it though because it shows you are willing to sacrifice for what you believe in,” she said.

Cloud is still unsure is it will ever be a part of her journey of faith. So does know her friends and parts of her family do it so, she feels like she could be influenced.

With all these different sides to Lent it shows a lot about how people religious and non-religious have perceived this time of the year.  Even though finding out the majority doesn’t participate, they support the cause. I am looking forward to my next six weeks of lent and hoping for success!