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XC: Season Review

Cross country is all about running for a long distance.  They spend every day training and preparing. As the normal season comes to a close, the varsity season is nearly just getting started as the top competitors of the girls and guy teams prepare for the last part of the season.


The top members of “XC” team are preparing for the next meet of the varsity season, and the players who have finished the season are reflecting back on the 2015 season.


Nicole Gardner, junior, said, she is going to the varsity season, but is still looking back on how the season went for the team as a whole. She said she enjoys meets when she is not running.


As the season comes to a close she said, “In preparation for next year I want to be a ‘leader’ for younger students, mainly due to the next year being my last year to run for Park Hill South.’”



The season comes to a close with only a few meets left for Gardner. The final thoughts on the season are summed up when Gardner said, “I think it went well, better than I thought.”


Christian Ludtke, freshman, said, he believe the year went pretty well for everyone. He believes the team that is continuing on will to good and “Push it” in the last few races. Due to his season being over he will prepare for next year by continuing to run through the winter.


Ludtke, on his first year and the teams jobs were shared with everyone.


He expressed this when he said, “It was not just one person holding the team.”


He believed that the whole team worked together.


Eli Guzman, junior, is a varsity boys’ team runner. He enjoys the amount of boys that showed up to run this year. With a large turnout for this year.  He also wants the team to keep training over the winter as the season, for most, comes to a close.


Guzman, said, “That the girls team nearly always win, and that the boys did well with the help of Coach Roth. We will continue to be strong, we had a lot of strategy this year with Coach Roth.”


The team is heavily getting prepared for the varsity season. But on the other hand is happy and feels good on how the 2015 season has went for the XC team.