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Too Much Homework, Not Enough Time

Many students are up late, with red eyes and stress levels high.

Students who play sports or do after school activities are often up late with the heavy amount of homework.

“Since I have cheer late some days I don’t get to bed until midnight if I have tests the next day,” said Julia Vap, freshman

Balancing sports, after school activities and homework can be very stressful. Studies show that 38 percent of students spend two hours or more of homework. More homework means more stress. Stress can induce many things including: lack of sleep, slipping grades, bad eating habits any many factors.

“I think that teachers should try not to give us as much homework because we still need time to ourselves,” said Kendra Kernel, freshman.

A lot of teachers’ reasoning for giving students homework is that they would like to cover more of the topic in class. But it is just not the same as having paper pencil work rather than the teacher talking and being able to ask questions.

“I think that if teachers really wanted to they could give less homework,” said Kallen Mazeitis, junior.

Schools always want their students in school activities but it makes it harder to balance school and all the time put into sports.

Emilie Kerr says that homework makes her dis-like school even more.

School isn’t so bad, only eight hours a day. But then all the extra homework you have to do. This makes students dread school more. For some it de-motivates them making them just not want to do it even at the late hours stayed up.

Also, a lot of students already dislike school adding the extra stress of homework may be too much for some.

Vap says some nights she will only get about six hours of sleep.

Lack of sleep cause many health issues. And the suggested amount of sleep for students to receive is 9 hours or more in order for them to perform at their best.

Some students have to watch siblings after school before parents get home, it would be harder to focus doing homework.

“Luckily I have a job that when i’m not with customers I can work on homework which really helps,” Kerr says.

Many students are not this lucky and have busy jobs. Leaving them with more stress and being more busy.

If we have less homework students would less stressed out and possibly enjoy school a little more  and be  getting to bed earlier