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Royals Win Game 1

15323963507_97e92e0464_nThe Royals beat the NY Mets in Game one of the World Series last night. The final score ended up being 5-4 with the game going 14 innings long. Eric Hosmer hit a sacrifice fly ball with the bases loaded in the bottom of the 14th. Escobar tagged from third and made it past home easily. The game took over 5 hours, but a win is a win.

I agreed with most of the decisions made by Ned Yost last night. I thought Volquez did a good job only giving up three runs in six innings of work. The Royals bullpen was stellar all night pitching 8 innings and striking out 12. They also did not allow a run. I really liked how Ned brought in Chris Young in extra innings last night to pitch.

The only problem I had was Jarrod Dyson pinch running for Kendrys Morales in the bottom of the 8th. There were two outs at the time so I thought it was too soon for Dyson to run the bases. Other than that Ned Yost called a great game. Herrea did not have his best outing, but he got out of jams when it counted. He did give up an unearned run due to the error at first by Hosmer. Other than that error the Royals played great defense all night. I predict that the Royals will win the series in 6 games. It will be tough to beat DeGrom because he is an ace, but I think the Royals can do it. The Royals will take one out of three in New York and bring it back to KC. Royals win Game six and are your World Series Champions.