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Pass,Set,Spike it all the way to districts

Districts, districts, districts! Everything on the Varsity volleyball team girl’s minds.


Nerves always play a huge part in the role of training and preparing in big games/tournaments that take place with South’s sports teams.


“Really it’s just the unknown, meaning if we will make it or not,” Anikka Welty, sophomore, says.


Competition always has a big impact on our teams nerves as well. This adds to the pressure of winning and or placing well enough to go to the next competition level which in this case, is sectionals.


Alex Rothers, Senior, says,”Our biggest competition is not necessarily a specific team, but just everyone were competing against as a whole.”


Oct. 19 through the 21 is when districts will be taking place.


“At this point what I want the girls to focus on is more mental, the physical part is already there,” Coach Mcconnell says while talking about the most important part to her, of training her team.


Mcconnell also mentions the girls are getting the “Exciting, yet unknown” feeling.


“Really just like butterflies,” she says.


The girls are already currently holding their first place so far.


Welty says,”We’ve done well this season in the past, but we’re trying to now keep the positive energy up.”


South already in the lead for districts so far, keeping first is the girls’ goal.


“First place would be amazing, but just ending the season knowing how hard we’ve worked I think is the best way,” Rothers said.


Relaxation and enjoyment are important aspects in both training and playing for the team.


McConnell says,”The energy inside of them is super vital while playing.”


Overall, ending the season with a “bang” is what the girls are both hoping and looking for.