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Fall Clothing Trends 2015

From the leaves to the pumpkins to the perfect weather, fall has to be everyone’s favorite season, right? There’s just one thing missing that will complete your fall.

Fall is right around the corner and to be ready you better start shopping. Keep reading for all the latest clothing trends that will make your fall that much more exciting. From shoes to hats, here are the latest trends and styles that will make you ready for anything.

According to, one of the major trends this year includes plaid. Plaids can range from flannels, shoes, shirts and button ups. Another trend that will make your wardrobe more exciting and classier is that touch of fur that will transition you right into winter time.

Knowing that Julia Vap’s, freshman, favorite season was fall it was only appropriate to ask her about fall. What was a fall trend she was looking forward to and she said,”Sweaters, cardigans and flannels, flannels are my favorite. They are very very comfy, that is why I like them. Plus they are very cute.”

During the fall and especially toward winter it can get quite brisk. So to prevent the cold lost and lots of layers are very helpful.

Callie Colvin agreed when she said,”I like lots and lots of layers. Because you can wear so many clothes in one day!”

When talking to Emmett Couts, freshman, I asked him what he thought a trend was that would last a long time.

He said,”Leggings, uggs, scarves and those shirts girls wear. You know what I’m talking about? Like those one shirts.”

When asked the question, what fall trend are you looking forward to, all the students answered they are looking forward to the rich-fall colors, especially Vap who has already been wearing a lot of fall colors.

Vap was excited to answered when she was asked why she likes the fall colors and she said,” I don’t know I just do, I mean I wear them all the time and it’s not even fall yet.”

“Bringing back clothing trends is getting more and more popular. Something that I would want to bring back is beanies.” said Matthew Kissinger, freshman, when asked if he could bring a clothing trend back what would it be.

He said,” Beanies because they cover up people’s bad hair. Not gonna lie I surprisingly have those days too.”

When looking on I could see that a statement piece is the final touch for your fall look. Whether it’s sunglasses, a cool purse or a print. A statement piece is all you need to complete your fall looks.

Leaves, pumpkins and perfect weather isn’t what falls all about. Finding the perfect fall looks can make your fall that much better.