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Cold Mountain ****

I thought this book was a really good book.  It’s a story about a man traveling home after being injured during a battle in the Civil War.  He is traveling back to his  former love, Ada.  The book was really thought provoking and made you question some things in your own life.  The story line was pretty good.  It always switched to the next character just in time before you got too bored with the story.  I liked how sometimes it didn’t just come out with the answers, you had to infer.  It also had little quotes of the book the man, Inman, was reading.

I would recommend this book to more advanced readers because it is more of a difficult read.  The book is taking place around the time period of 1861-1865, which means some of the concepts are a little more difficult to grasp.  This book is 356 pages, so if you are a person that likes quick easy reads, this book probably wouldn’t be for you.  Cold Mountain has a wide array of word choice and uses great imagery.

This book taught me that love can last forever.  Also, it taught me that you can overcome so much if you just keep pushing yourself.  It also shows how strong friendship can be.  Inman, the man who was coming home from the war, had seen so much darkness but yet he still showed kindness to all.  I think should teach us all that we can spare a little kindness no matter what.  Cold Mountain also shows you something about the world we live in.  It showed me how cruel we could be to each other during the Civil War.  I think it would have been terrible to be living during that time, because we should all have been united because we are one.  Back then though, family was fighting family.  It also showed me that if look deep into the depths of someone’s heart you can almost always find some light.

Ruby was my favorite character.  She had a terrible childhood, but she never let that stop her.  One of the main reasons her childhood was so bad was because her father was never there for her and eventually left her.  Then her father came back into her life when she finally had a good one, and instead of rejecting him like he did her, she cared for him.  She also didn’t let the fact that she was a girl stop her from doing anything she put her mind to.  I think that was very important back then.  She helped Ada restore her farm and make it better than ever.  She also became Ada’s life preserver when she needed it the most. She stayed with Ada when she could’ve left.  I think this just shows how amazing of a person Ruby was overall.

An alternative title for this book would be The Gentle Heart because no matter what happened to Inman he also had the gentlest of souls. He showed kindness even though his mind was often troubled. Also when Ada and Inman finally had each other again the were so gentle to each other with their love. That’s why I would choose The Gentle Heart as the alternative title. 

Megan Hughes is in her third year as publications adviser at Park Hill South High School. She currently advises the View newsmagazine, South Paw yearbook and LitMag.