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Inside Scoop on PHS Cross Country


South’s Cross Country Team won first in their meet against several nearby high schools on Sept. 19. This is the second time this year so far for them, so it was a huge victory.


Cross country doesn’t get much credit for their work, compared with football or soccer. Even though there are a lot of people participating in it, South doesn’t pay much attention to them, while they work just as hard as everyone else, according to some on the team. So why did these people join?


“I ran in eighth grade a lot on my own so I’m like hey, why not start cross country?!” said Faith Nagel, freshman.


XC is divided like other sports depending on how fast they run, so no matter if they are new to the sport of not, they would run with someone that has about the same time. It is more though about racing against personal limits, not friends.


On Wednesday mornings, while most students are asleep at home, the cross country team is up at school ready to run at 5:30 a.m.  They usually run about 3 to 5 miles, on and off school campus. It’s similar to the length the summer P.E. had to walk every Friday. They also have practice every weekday after school.


Nagel says that she like running in the morning, because it’s better than running when it’s hot in the afternoon, since she’s a morning person.


“It’s hard work, but it’s worth it, because it’s fun, and the people are great,” said Trey Rouse, sophomore.


The freshman just had their first meet a couple weeks ago, and there are some mix feelings and reactions afterwards. Most of them enjoyed their meat though.


“The first meet is always the worst because it’s like you never know the course, and you don’t know you are going to do with other people in your age group. And it’s a lot more nerve wracking because you are like with all age groups, with JV and Varsity. But it was a good race,” said Aston Aman, freshman.

While some people’s meets went well, others thought it was stressful. Some people’s first meet didn’t go quite as one would plan.


“I remember one girl, she was really close to the finish, but she kind of just passed out, right there; and it was our only freshman doing varsity!” said Nagel.


The Cross Country teams will compete again on Oct. 3, at KC Classic located in Ray-Pec.