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A Freezing Review of the Winter Soldier

Captain America has been a foundational part of Marvel comics.  Throughout the years, it has claimed to be one of America’s favorite comic heroes.  Since then it has been seen in movies, most recently in “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”.


The movie starts off with Captain America, played by Chris Evans, trying to fit into the modern world of today, after previously being frozen since World War II.   With the help of two other Avengers Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) and the Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson), Captain America finds out the Hydra are again out to take control of the world, this time in the S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s own backyard.


The movie was casted well, as Chris Evans does a stellar job overall, and looks very comfortable in his role as Captain America.  Samuel L. Jackson did the best job of acting because of his mysteriousness that played well.  He was especially great in the scene where he tells Captain America to trust no one.


Concept story writer Ed Brubaker did a great job tying the first movie, which takes place during World War II, to this movie which takes place in modern time.


With this there are still some problems.


Scarlett Johansson looks very unnatural in the film. During the Avengers movie you see her with a lot of action film but in the Winter Soldier you see her with very little.  It is hard to play as a superhero when you aren’t doing anything that aquires you to be a superhero.  If you are going to cast her in the film you may as well use her.


Another problem with the film is that as a viewer you have a hard time rooting against the villain, as you find out who he is during the movie.  This makes the action scenes very weak.


The biggest problem is that this movie is just like every other superhero movie.  It starts off with a small action scene that ends up having a big problem.  The superhero and villain fight early on and the hero doesn’t win, and finishes with you know who winning.


Due to the combination of good and bad, I would give “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”  a three out of five stars.