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Southside Girls Take State

The Southside Girls, in two weeks, will be on their way to St. Louis for their state competition.

The dancers are more than excited. As everyone knows there has been a lot of talk about the dance team coming back from Nationals and rumor has it dance team is working even harder for state. The dance team will be taking two routines with them to state and two solos, the dancers of those solos are Erin McDaniel and Hannah Leibee. Those two girls have worked very hard to get their solo to state.

Kenzie Huff said, “We’ve been practicing really hard as individuals and as team, we’ve been conditioning and making ourselves stronger and better as a people and as a dancers.”

Huff also said, “Our coaches have been preparing us more than enough I think we definitely have a chance at placing high.”

The people watching the Southside girls also have opinions on how the girls will do. After speaking to a boyfriend of one of the Southside girls he is very impressed.

Jake Evans said, “I believe the girls are going to do great, they are amazing dancers.”

Evans also said, “After doing the boy girl dance with my girlfriend I have to give them credit they make it look easy when it really isn’t.”

When dancers were asked what they were most excited about when it came to state they were not sure. They said it was hard to describe how they were feeling it was a mix of being anxious, nervous, and overly excited. Some dancers began to say there is no way to describe the feeling of dancing in front of a big audience, everyone can see you. The dancers said that if they were nervous dancing in front of the school they were going to be twice as nervous to dance in front of judges at a competition.

Maddie Mael said, “Performing in front of the school is nerve-racking I’m not going to lie, but performing in front of judges at a competition is ten times worse.”

She said competitions in the past prepared them for state.

“After competing at nationals I think we got rid of all the stage fears and now we’re ready to show the Missouri teams what we got.” She said.

Even though state will be here sooner than we know the dancers seem prepared and ready to take on the other Missouri teams and hopefully bring south back a state trophy.