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From KC to Haiti

This past week two of Park Hill South’s very own traveled to Haiti on a mission trip with Moyes’ Eye Center in order to help those who do not have eye care.  Juniors, Maggie Moyes and Donna Shahbazi sacrificed a week of school and their lives in Kansas City and traveled to Northern Haiti in order to administer eye drops, surgeries, and glasses to the people for little to no pay.


“Going to Haiti, I gained a sense of happiness.  The people there were full of life, culture and happiness, despite their conditions,” said Donna Shahbazi, Junior.


This was Shahbazi’s first year traveling to Haiti, and coming home was not easy.


“Coming home really hit me.  Some people in America believe we are entitled to anything and everything without working for it, or that we should be handed things and if that doesn’t go our way, we aren’t happy,” said Shahbazi, “We could learn a lot from how to live life from seeing how they live life in Haiti.”


Although it is a sacrifice, both say they learned a lot from the experience.  For Moyes, who has travelled on this trip a total of 8 times, continues to learn.


“I’ve learned that no matter where you go in the world people need love.  And sometimes when our basic survival needs like food, shelter, etc. aren’t met, we have a chance to grow in how we love others.  So basically I’ve learned to love unconditionally,” Moyes, Junior.