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NKC Tourney Champs?

Park Hill South sweeping their way through the North Kansas City Tournament after two big wins against Oak Park High School by 25+ and North Kansas City 75-53. They play Ray-Pec in the championship for a 1 and 2 seed matchup which should be a closer game than the previous two.

There biggest blowout they had this tournament was against Oak Park.

The team worked well with communicating and their defense was on point leaving no hope  for Oak Park to continue farther on in the tournament. In the game three of the five starters came away with 15 points and Easton Fortuna coming of the bench for 14.

“The team has started to come together at this time in the season, been sharing the ball more and just playing overall team basketball.” says senior big man Allen Hyatt.

In the NKC game the Panthers came in with just as good defense and an exciting offense to back it up. In the two big wins the team’s younger players got a lot of playing time at the end of each game.

“I think all the underclass guys take it as a privilege and a learning experience when they get in the games,” mentioned Jacob Kline, an underclassman player who gets a lot of varsity minutes.

The Park Hill South Panther basketball boys have high hopes for Friday night’s game against Ray-Pec in the championship. Make sure to  come out and support at 8 o’clock.