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‘Triple Threat’ Athletes

Three sport athletes are a special breed of people, as being one requires skill for the sports, but also discipline for the school work.
Balancing time is a massive challenge to these athletes during the school year.
Junior Alfoncio Rand, who plays football, basketball, and runs track said, “The hardest problem for me is doing all my homework and keeping up the grades. I have to do my homework right when I get home or else it won’t get done.”
The biggest priority is always grades; athletics come second. The players know this, and they take on the responsibility head first.
Senior Schaefer Schuetz, who plays football, basketball, and runs track is making his last year one to remember, playing three sports for the first time.
Schuetz said, “It’s weird because I get better grades while I’m in season because I’m in the everyday routine and it just comes natural for me.”
Being a three sport athlete comes hard if you don’t understand your school work from the day, teachers will work with athletes after school or even before school. They understand they have a busy schedule.
Junior Seth Hudson, who plays soccer, football, and runs track, said, “I put homework first every night after school. If I don’t understand lessons in a class, I will go in early to meet with my teacher.”
Like most people who have multiple hobbies, these athletes have a favorite. Schuetz enjoys football the most.
He said, “I think it’s my best sport, and I’ve been playing it the longest.”
Rand agreed.
He said, “Football, no doubt. It’s the sport that i’m the best at. I like, I love it, I breathe it.”
Hudson had a different favorite.
He said, “My favorite would have to be soccer. I’ve played it my whole life. Soccer is my passion.”
No matter what sports they play, and what sport is their favorite, these athletes have a bigger push to achieve academic success before they hit the field and put their game face on.