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‘Tis the Season for College Football

There has been a big bang in the postseason in college football. The NCAA has decided to put a two game playoff to determine the national champion.

This playoff has sparked some emotion and excitement into fans all of the country, but some fans are against this new playoff.

Easton Fortuna, a long time football fan, said, “It hurts the NCAA economically because bowl games brought a lot of income to the league.”

The playoff will consist of four teams which will be ranked highest at the end of the season. Even though the playoff is getting put into action, bowl games will still happen so the league gives more teams an opportunity to play in the postseason.

Tucker Horn says, “Every team has an equal chance of making the playoffs, so it brings an excitement because if you lose it makes it makes it that much harder to make it.”

According to NCAA Football,  fans will enjoy back-to-back triple headers. Two semifinals and four other premier bowl games will be played on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Those holidays will belong to college football. Semifinal games will rotate among six different bowls, extending the experience to more fans.

Matthew Dieleman said, “Thats such bull, bowl games are ten times better.”

The playoff will try to take over long history of bowl games by still including a few of them but having the playoff to find the best team in division one football.

“Bowl games were something everyone used to look up to, but the playoff will be the best thing that has ever happened to this league it’s in rich history,” Tucker Horn said.

The teams in the new playoff and bowl games will be selected by a committee that is not biased and is honest about who deserves to play in these special games. In past years teams have been looked over for bowl games that were more than good enough to get into them. The committee will try to eliminate that to make everyone satisfied with the teams playing in the postseason.

The College Football Playoff committee says, “We are trained professionals that have been watching football our whole lives. The playoff will benefit the whole league in a numerous amount of ways.”

Overall the playoff will benefit and hurt the league in many ways, but the only thing that matters is teams get to play in the postseason no matter what. The playoff will make it easier to determine a champion, but less relevant in teams trying to play at this big stage.