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SSG Color Running Their way to Nationals

South’s dance team is planning on going all the way down to Orlando, Fla. this year for nationals in February.  With the big advancement this year dance team needs to step up in their fundraising and focus.

Nationals is brand new for every dancer on the team so the many fundraisers and longer hours are an adjustment for them.

“ been working since May as a team with one goal that is to kick butt at national,” said Allie Hickey, sophomore.

Dance team has had over ten fundraisers in this year alone, trying to raise money for every dancer.  The next one coming up is their new annual Color Run with the local girl scouts. Many hours of planning, organizing, and scheduling have gone into this big event to insure success and reach the goal of raising $5,000.

“My mom came up with the idea and has been the head leader of putting it all together.  I’m really excited for the event but I’m also ready for it to be over so my mom comes back to reality and thinks about other things than the color run,” said McKenzie Huff, freshmen.

The color run consists of five activities that the girl scouts move to a different one every 30 minutes. The activities include a relay race, learning a dance, jump rope, games, hula hoop. After all 400 girl scouts have gone through all activities they will be taken to the track and set to start the color run. Ready…set…go… and the girls start running and the dye starts flowing.

“I’m most looking forward to the throwing the dye part and seeing all the girl scouts get excited about the raining colors,” said Aubrey Helling, Senior.

With the many fundraisers and extra planning the stress is packing onto the team.  The dance team tries to plan and be as involved as they can and make sure they help with the success since the money is for them.  The color run is a group effort that the whole team has worked for and can’t wait for it to come on Saturday, November 9.

The Southside girl coach, Mandy Borgelt said, “The creating and planning of the events are a challenge for all the moms and dancers but it is all worth it because the events always turn out to be a blast and are great times to bring the team in as one.”