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Faulty System

At Park Hill South there is a card system based on grades and attendance that determines your privileges. The lowest status is a red card, then purple, then gold, then platinum. However, it has unrealistic standards. Many students who are good in school are deprived of a good card status just because of a couple missed days, or one low grade.

Basing the status solely on grades and attendance makes it hard for many students to obtain gold and platinum cards. Students with great grades and behavior can be given a purple or gold just because they missed a few days. Maybe they were sick or out of town but now they miss out on privileges for four and a half weeks.

There is also the case of students with perfect attendance and good behavior, but the grades don’t come as natural. They shouldn’t be denied the ability to leave class without a pass or go to lunch a minute early.

It is unfair to have different standards for different grades. If I were a senior I would be a platinum rather than a gold. So what’s the difference? Why do seniors get it easier, or juniors get it harder?

I understand that freshman and sophomores can’t obtain platinums because most don’t have a car to get to early. Also students in the FANS program have a platinum all year round. Obviously they have to maintain overall good attendance and grades, but it is unfair to judge them above the system.

The cards have high standards for not many privileges. Who wouldn’t want to leave school a couple minutes early…but then again, that is the only extra privilege of a platinum card. However, purple cards can’t even go to commons in tutorial. They seem to be trying to motivate students into doing well, but in most cases it can discourage many from even trying.

The system can easily be fixed. The standards for platinum should be that of the seniors and I also believe behavior should somehow relate to status. There should also be a way to make up for a lower area. Or you could turn it around and keep the difficult statuses and offer more advantages that would actually motivate students. Either way, the administration needs to change something about the card system.