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Attendance Adjustment

Teachers and staff always tell us “Don’t got to school, if you’re not feeling well.” “ Don’t go to school with anything above a 99.9” that’s what the school tells us students to do when one of us is not feeling well.

At Park Hill South in order to be a platinum or gold card, you must have a 3.5 GPA or higher and miss no longer than a whole day of school.

To me, this whole thing is completely unfair. The school shouldn’t base card status on attendance, when we really can’t help that we get sick, and can’t get to school without making everyone sick.

For example, say you’re a perfect student, that makes straight A’s but yet you’re that kind of person that can get sick easily, and when card changed come around, you receive a lovely purple card. We are told not to go to school for our own health, so we can’t spread our disease to anyone else.

When someone is usually sick we are told not to go anywhere, and to rest our bodies to feel better. But yet when we are doing what we are told to do, administrative count that against us. By having attendance as a requirement to be a platinum or gold card, it is pretty much saying “come to school sick; attendance is more important.” Health is more important than attendance, by going to school sick, there’s a higher chance of not getting better, and potentially getting worse.

Something that also bothers me about attendance is that they give you a certain amount of days you can miss, which varies for each grade. In order for to be a gold card for a freshman you have to have 98% attendance, and for a sophomore 95% which is a total of two days of school. The common cold can have out of school from 2-7 days, or depending on what your illness is. I think this is completely dumb because there is no way any student is gonna be able to miss only 2 days of school in 4 ½ weeks.

I think card status should be based off of grades and discipline, like back in middle school. It should be based on how you act at school, and how hard you worked to get those grades.

Changing the requirements for attendance or removing the attendance part, would probably have more students as gold or platinum cards.