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Chiusano’s Brick Oven Pizza Review

IMG_0406.22114435_stdYou might think that pizza is pizza, right? I mean, no matter where you go it’s pretty much the same thing. From Pizza Hut to Stone Canyon there’s really not much variation.

If you’re having the same issues of finding a good pizza place as I do then I recommend Chiusano’s Brick Oven Pizzeria. It definitely offers a different taste than the same old-same old stuff.

Chiusano’s is locally owned and is based on European style pizza and uses family recipes from Southwest Italy. The name Brick Oven Pizza comes from an authentic 200 year old brick oven that they bake every pizza on, giving each pizza a flavor unique only to Chiusano’s.

They also have a huge variety specialty pizzas and use a lot of uncommon ingredients like brie, elk sausage, kalamata olives and many others.

The first time I went was after a day of shopping at the Legends. My friend and I were looking for a place to eat and decided to branch out and Chiusano’s, which was within walking distance of the shops.

When we got there we were immediately welcomed and seated and our waiter was very nice and friendly. Also, while we were eating the owner/ head chef came to our table and asked us how we liked it and had a small conversation with us which was nice.

After much debate we got one pizza for the two of us that was half BBQ chicken and half Nancy’s Favorite (which has italian sausage, garlic, tomatoes, pesto and mozzarella). Both flavors were amazing and very different. The BBQ on the BBQ chicken was sweet and a little spicy but delicious. Nancy’s Favorite tasted very Italian due to the pesto sauce and tomatoes.

The pizza itself is thin crust and doughy, which was good because I don’t like when my pizza crust is crunchy and hard, but it was still a little too “droopy” for me.

I also loved the atmosphere of the place. They had a pretty good sports theme going on. They had a large sports bar, the menu had pizzas named after Kansas City sports teams, and the staff even wore Chiusano’s jerseys. The restaurant is located next to the Sporting KC soccer field, which can bring in lots of Sporting fans, so I wouldn’t plan on going if it’s game day.

Overall, I give Chiusano’s a 4 out of 5 stars. I thought the pizza was delicious and very unique, though it was a little floppy. The staff was very friendly and the sports theme was cool, however the wait can be long.

All in all I would definitely say if you’re a pizza lover, this is a place for you.