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And the Streak Continues…

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When viewers tune into the NBA these days, it is mostly for two or three teams: the Heat, Pacers, or Thunder. Each of those teams has a MVP caliber type of player on their roster when it comes to LeBron James or Kevin Durant.

But what about the losing teams? What about the teams that are in position to capture the number one overall pick in the lottery this year. That is what the Philadelphia 76ers are aiming for.

Since January 29, the 76ers have lost a NBA tying record 26 straight games. If they lose one more game, they will capture the worst losing streak in professional sports history.  In 2010, the Cleveland Cavaliers set the NBA record with 26 losses in a row, but the 76ers were on the brink of continuing and setting a new milestone for professional sports until they went up against the Detroit Pistons.

Ryan Welty, sophomore, gave his input on the 76ers historical streak.

“ I was hoping they would have won a long time ago so it would not have to come to us fans discussing a topic that is very seldom to hear these days,” he said.

Welty also stated that when the 76ers started this dismal streak on January 29, he felt bad for the organization and how they have had to go through with it.

“The 76ers brought in guys that they thought would help the team win, not hurt the team.” he said. “ Personally, if I was a player on that team, it would get frustrating and we would all lose hope.”

If fans remember back in June, the 76ers had some quality draft picks. They first drafted Michael-Carter Williams out of Syracuse, number 11 overall. Then the 76ers traded Jrue Holliday to the New Orleans Pelicans for Nerlens Noel, who was drafted sixth overall.

But Noel has had to miss the whole entire season with the torn ACL he suffered back at Kentucky. So with Noel’s injury and the youth of the team, it has led to the demise of an organization once proud of being competitive in every single game.

Alfoncio Rand, sophomore, commented on the 76ers woes.

“ I could not believe it has gone all the way to 26 games,” he said. “ They have solid shooters but I understand if they don’t have a post presence like Noel to block shots, it really hurts when you cannot protect the rim.”

Darpan Bhatt, senior, elaborated on what the 76ers need to do to improve.

“ I think they should keep losing and try to draft Jabari Parker when June arrives again,” he said.

With the team struggling to connect, the 76ers will look towards next season and hope they can develop their young players so they will be competitive for the near future.