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STUCO Announces Casual Dance

STUCO is considering a third dance after Spring break. They said they are looking at more of a casual theme.

There are no specific dates yet, although Sarah Mathews, STUCO adviser, thinks the Friday after students get back from spring break will work best.

This dance will be more casual than any of the others. STUCO members said their favorite theme right now is “Glow” or “Neon”. Due to it not being dressy, there will be no spirit week like there is for Homecoming and Courtwarming.

As far as decorations go, Chase Riekhof, STUCO dance committee president said there would be lots of balloons, glow sticks, lights, and neon type things.

“I’m really just trying to make it sound cool because it will be,” said STUCO president, Blake Youngdahl.

He said the council got the idea of this dance after going to Student Council Districts. The principal at South, Dr. Dale Longenecker, wanted Courtwarming to be casual but feedback from Twitter said they wanted it to stay formal and just add a third dance.

Just like all the other dances, the card system will affect attendance. Matthews said it still has to be a privilege. This means no red card holders can attend the event.

There are some huge differences between this coming up dance and the last couple ones. They got a DJ that will be more “interactive” according to Youngdahl.

“It will have a more concert effect, like a HUGE dance party,” said Youngdahl.

Riekhof said there were no more student planned STUCO events after this dance, but the Talent show in April will be run by students.