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Stand for Sam

Photo of Mizzou Stadium by Makinlin Webster
Photo of Mizzou Stadium by Makinlin Webster

Michael Sam is the football star of the year at the University of Missouri (Mizzou). He recently announced his sexual orientation as gay, just over a month before he goes into the NFL Draft.

Different people have formulated their opinions on Sam’s honesty, though, many people are supportive of him.

 “He may lose money, but he stood up for what he believes in and that’s really cool to me,” said Scott Cline, senior.

Many students throughout Columbia, Mo. showed their support for Sam by guarding the doors of their school and standing around him when those from the Westboro Baptist Church came to picket on Feb. 16.

“Stand for Sam,” was said by nearly all of the 4,895 students that were there that day.

Eric Kinn, senior, plans on attending Mizzou in the fall, and said, “This shouldn’t affect anything because he is just a person that is proud of who he is.”

Others at South feel the same way;  Mark Simcox, the coach of the South football team, said he didn’t believe that the situation would affect him athletically; people are making it “a bigger deal than it should be.”

“I would do exactly what Missouri’s football coach did [Frank Haith] and stand up for my student. It would not be an issue on this team,” said Simcox.

Even those who may not agree with Sam’s life decisions still feel for his situation.

Charles [Tony] Bowman, campus supervisor, said, “I will not condone to this issue, but I will not contribute to the madness of it either. People are only making a big deal of it because they are uncomfortable. No matter the rumors, Mizzou is getting better all the time.”

Sam will continue to be in the Draft and there will be sides to choose from, but he is the first openly gay man that will be in the Draft and possibly the NFL. Those opposed and supportive of Sam will find out the effect of his decision on May 8-10.