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It’s Time to Get Away

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There is one thing students at South all have in common: they love Spring Break.

Yes, there is Winter Break, and students love that, too, but Spring Break is the time when the weather is getting warm and students get to go on some exciting vacations.

Junior Kayla Wainwright is doing something a little different during the break. She is heading out to Indianapolis for a volleyball tournament.

Wainwright said,”This tournament is a national qualifier, so it’s a pretty big deal.”

Her team isn’t new to this tournament.

Wainwright said, “We went to this tournament about two years ago so we kinda know what to expect.”

Wainwright has never done anything but volleyball when it comes to Spring Break and she said she prefers it that way.

Some people, like Wainwright, prefer to spend their break playing a sport they love. Others like junior, Astrid Reynoso, prefer to spend it with their family.

Reynoso is heading out to Denver, Colorado to go skiing with her family. This is her first time going so she is really excited.

Reynoso said, ”My favorite thing about this vacation is spending time with my whole family. All the cousins are going to be there and it’s just going to be a fun time.”

For Reynoso this her first time skiing.

She said,”They will start me off on the bunny hill and then I might get to move up on the bigger hills. We also might go tubing if we get tired of skiing.”

With Spring Break right in the middle of spring sports, athletes can’t just take a week off. They have to stay in shape somehow.

Reynoso said, ”I am going to have to make time for running because I don’t want to come back and be out of shape for track.”

Senior Makinlin Webster is ready for some quality time with her family. Well, at least some of the time.

Webster said, “I’m looking forward to spending some time with my family but also am looking forward to spending some time by myself.”

Webster is also looking forward to going to see where her boyfriend grew up and meet all of his friends. This will be her first time going to LA.

Webster said,”We usually go to Florida every year, so it’s nice to change it up.”

LA is full of hot spots, but the place where Webster is really looking forward to going to is the The Last Bookstore.

Webster said, “The store is made up of all books. There is even a giant slide in the store!”

With Spring Break coming up very soon students at South are getting very anxious. Everyone is ready for a bit of a break, the warm weather, and of course the vacations.