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Valentine’s Day

Sophomore Hannah Carlson hugs her boyfriend.
Sophomore Hannah Carlson hugs her boyfriend.

Valentines day, the most romantic day of the year. South students celebrate it in various of ways.

Callie Colvin, art, planned to spend her Valentines Day with her family.

She said, “I’m taking my daughters out to dinner and making my husband his favorite food.”

Colvin said she has never really had an interesting Valentines day.

The basketball game against Park Hill happened on Valentines day. Park Hill South won, so of course it was a great game.

Mckade Hermansen,senior, planned to go to the basketball game.

“Yes, for sure, I’m dancing at half time,” he said.

Many people did have a Valentine this year. Lauren Terrell, sophomore, and Hermansen would be examples.

Hermansen said, “Yes, Mrs.Carson is my valentine this year.”

The question is always asked, ‘should I get my boyfriend something or should the girl not do that?’ Girls never know what to do.

Terrell says “Probably not I feel like it’s more of a girls holiday.”

Everyone’s ideal Valentine’s Day is always a little different.

Hermansen said, “Snowboarding all day, and then going to dinner with my mommy.”

Carson Wells’, sophomore, ideal Valentine’s Day is a little more original.

Wells said, “I want breakfast in bed (hopefully gritz and hash browns). I want her to feed to it to me  and the girl should treat the guy. Also, to top it off, love and affection.”

To some people, Valentine’s Day is a bit overrated.

 Terrell said, “I think it’s a cute holiday but people make it out to be bigger than it is.”

Everyone views Valentines day differently, but it will always be a favorite holiday to many people.