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The World of College

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College. This word can be daunting to some people. Students at South will move on in one to three years and they will have to make a decision on what they want to do with their lives. A popular choice is to attend a university or college and get a degree. But it comes at a price.

To some, college can be a hassle.  Parents often stress out about the cost of sending their child away. The costs of college can be as little as $15,000 per year or more. Colleges offer grants or scholarships to cushion the huge sums needed per year and so that a student does not have to pay a lot of it back later in life through student loans.

Nick Sobba, senior, is still thinking about his plans for college.

“I would like to go to Kansas or Iowa State. I already got accepted by Kansas and I am still waiting on Iowa State.” he said. “I would like to go to those schools because it is a family thing and I would like to get a degree in Business.”

Sobba is not too worried about paying for his tuition or having to use some loans though.

“My parents have helped me out a lot to where I won’t have to apply for a lot of scholarships or use some loans.” he said. “I am lucky enough that my parents are helping me pay for college.”

According to Campus Explorer, most colleges  people want to attend around here for their education are Missouri, Kansas, Missouri State, Northwest Missouri State and Arkansas with the location and In-State Tuition at their preferences.

Jordan Engle, senior, elaborated on his future.

“I want to attend Mizzou with the Business school they have there.” he said. “ It is a career I think I can thrive in and Mizzou would be the best place for me.”

Engle is weary though about the cost of attending a university like Missouri.

“With the cost being $20000-plus, I am probably going to have to use some loans for at least two years.” he said.

Scholarships are a great way to keep away from loans and avoid being in debt in the near future. There are scholarships in some degrees like Journalism or Business where the university will give you money for studying that subject. There are many types of scholarships and grants.

For example, go look at the university’s website and they have scholarships just for you if you attend the school. The Park Hill School District even has some scholarships it gives students based on overall performance throughout high school.

Looking at a different perspective, some people at South might not be as educated as others when it comes to college in general.

Lauren Terrell, sophomore, commented on her college decisions.

“I don’t have any college choices at the moment.” she said. “ If I had to choose it would probably be Mizzou because all of my friends want to go there and it is far but not that far.”

Terrell is focusing on the present not the future right now.

“With school being a priority, I don’t really have to pay attention to that right now,” she said. “My GPA is important right now because that is what will help me get to college.”

There are many incentives colleges offer. Students here at South have a lot of options to choose from. Some people will go to a school because of the environment and some will go for their degree. Some will go to a certain college based on the financial incentives alone. Having good grades can only help you get noticed by colleges. It just takes one school to be a eye catcher to a student.