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Tigers Lose by a Field Goal

Mizzou lost their Homecoming game in double overtime against the South Carolina Gamecocks on Saturday, October 26. The Tigers had been winning 17-0 up until the last quarter. Gamecocks came back and put the game into overtime and then double overtime.

As the double overtime was coming to an end, Missouri fans like Ryann Smith, senior, was confident in the game going into triple overtime.

“I thought we had the goal until I saw the flag,” Smith said.

Mizzou fans stared at the field, most with their jaws dropped, as Gamecocks were laying on the ground. Gamecocks won the game 27-24.

“They were all laying on the field or running around and all the Mizzou players were in shock,” said Abby Pitts, junior.

As the camera showed the stands, all that was shown were fans with their jaws dropped.

“It was so unexpected,” said Smith. “A lot of people thought it was the kickers fault, but it was the holders more than his. The holder didn’t spin the ball.”

As the game ended, twitter blew up. People started attacking Baggett, Mizzou’s kicker. It wasn’t until after a while before people started understanding it wasn’t Baggett’s fault.

Mizzou’s coach said all of the players could have done something different to win the game and did not blame Baggett for losing the game.