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Tennis 2k13

Girls celebrate the end of a successful fall season

“Mrs. Patterson’s an angel,” said Allison Robaska, sophomore, “but I was glad to move up to JV and play some varsity.”

She took an extra step to work harder to get a spot on junior varsity tennis as she practiced even after school practice everyday.

Similar to Robaska, Vivian Brockman, sophomore, also had the privilege to move up to the JV team.

“I had to put in quite a bit of effort but I know I should have practiced more on weekends,” said Brockman.

Helen Yeater, junior, had to make some sacrifices such as move to C-team to keep playing tennis with her busy work schedule and had to miss practices.

The superstar and leader of the team as well as the only qualifier of state, Adele Royle, junior, had the busiest schedule of them all.

“I would hit before school and also had lessons after practices at least two days a week,” said Royle. “I would also work out on my own.”

Even though it was worth it in the end for Royale, she is “kind of glad that it’s over” since it was “so tiring.”

WIth all the hard work and dedication, you can’t always be perfect.

“There is always some room for improvement,” said Yeater.

Brockman knows exactly what she needs to get better.

“I got the strokes and everything down but I need to become more consistent,” said Brockman.

For Robaska in order to enhance her tennis skills she said, “My forehand needs some work with more topspin.”

Even the girl who put in the most work into her tennis knows what she needs to do, work harder than she already does to possibly win state which is looking forward to next year.

Along with all of the hard work, the girls gained some good memories as well.

“We drove an hour to Truman in the pouring rain since we never got a call that it was cancelled,” said Royle. “When we got there then they finally told us it was cancelled, so we just ate all the food and played games on the bus.”

Brockman remembers playing Park Hill the most. She thought they were “really feisty” but she also thought “it was kind of funny how mad they got sometimes.”

Through all their labor and time they put into the season of tennis, the varsity girls will “hopefully qualify for state next year,” said Royle.