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Pumpkin, Leaves and Coffee

Time To Talk About Fall

The cool breeze rushes through your skin and you start to cuddle up next to your loved ones when you sit close to the fire to keep you warm. You almost feel like you could stay in this place forever.

As fall comes around and the leaves are changing, people are getting excited about the perfect weather and all the fun festivities begin.

Everyone looks forward to different things in the fall which makes them most excited.

“I really like the holidays,” said Hannah Winkler, sophomore. “It makes you feel warm inside and I like everyone’s spirit.”

Not holidays in general but a specific holiday, which is Thanksgiving, is Tara Evans, senior, favorite holiday. Most people eat the main food dishes at Thanksgiving like ham, turkey, or pie but Evans is very different from others.

“I don’t eat ham,” said Evans, “and I don’t like pumpkin pie.”

Instead, she likes to load up on the noodles that her cousin cooks.

Another specific holiday to get excited for is Halloween. However, some might also have other strong feelings about this day and wish it wouldn’t happen at all.

“I think Halloween is stupid, like why can’t you just buy your own candy?” said Evans.

Many people might look forward to pumpkin carving or picking but parents have different things they do with their little ones in their early years where it’s most important to be involved in activities.

Callie Colvin, art, said, “I love watching my children pick apples and eating the hot apple cider or caramel apples.”

For some it might not be all about the activities but more about what you can wear due to the changing of weather.

“I absolutely love wearing my high socks with boots and a sweater,’ said Hannah Fasbender, junior. “I also like seeing your breath in the morning.”

Along with looking forward to fall, many people have special activities they never forget to do every year.

Colvin said, “I always have my kids jump in piles of leaves I rake up for them with my husband, because that’s what we used to do at my house when I was a kid.”

One of the most popular things to do is going to the pumpkin patch and that’s exactly what Fasbender does with her family.

“We go and pick out our favorite pumpkin every year and the night before halloween we carve together,” said Fasbender, whose family has practiced the tradition since she was a kid.

However, a tradition can never start too late. Hannah Brown, senior, went to The Beast with her mom for the first time this year.

“I went to the car and cried with my mom first. Then I was scared still so I hid under my coat and went under the seat,” said Brown. “I will never go to a haunted house again.”

Other than spending all their time with a busy schedule and being with friends, many find time to do other things they individually like to enjoy.

“I go to Carribou like 10 times more, just because coffee is needed in the fall” said Evans.

“I take fun pics with leaves,” said Fasbender.

“I start to bake all things pumpkin,” said Colvin.

How do you like to spend your time this changing season?