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Halloween Haunts

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This time of the year is so fun for kids. Pumpkin patch, pumpkin cravings, costume shopping, jumping into leaf piles. Oh and of course most kids’ favorite: Halloween.

As people get older, this time of the year just gets more and more different. Most of people are done with the traditional Trick Or Treating.

For people, like Micayla Morris (Sophomore), Halloween was supposed to be fun with the Jonas Brothers concert but when that got canceled she made different plans.

“Well I was going to go to the Jonas Brothers concert  but since that was canceled now I’m most likely just going to sit in my room on Tumblr and end up crying probably,” she said.

According to Morris, the only dressing up she will be doing is “If my Batman snuggie counts, then yes I’m dressing up.”

Morris is taking this whole No Jonas Brother’s concert very well, she thought it was going to make this the best Halloween ever, but since that has changed it just won’t be the same.

Morris’ motto for this year’s Halloween is: “Depression hurts, tumblr can help.”

Alex Youngblood (Sophomore), on the other hand, has completely different plans.  Alex is planning on “going around and stalking people” in his scream voice. Youngblood is not dressing up this year. Although he wants to he just doesn’t have the time for it this year.

“Now I really want to dress up. I really do, but I don’t have time to plan my outfit and then buy it. Next year I am though,” Youngblood said.

Lena Berhane (Sophomore) isn’t doing anything this year. However she is still going to dress up with her twin, Sarah. They will be wearing the same thing they wore this year as they wore last year. They will be going as Thing One and Thing Two.

Last year it was Sarah’s idea to dress up as Thing One and Two, so this year it was Lena’s turn to pick out the outfit, but she didn’t want to find another one. So she said they were going to do the same. They decided on that because they both agreed that it would kind of funny and it works because they are twins.

“We both were big fans of Dr. Seuss when we were little and he is the creator of Thing One and Two, and since we are twins. It worked and it was funny,” Lena said.

Although, everyone grows, everyone remembers that one candy that they got excited about Halloween night. Some different than others. For Berhane, hers was Twizzlers.

“Twizzlers are the best. They are my favorite candy ever and on Halloween, I can get them for free,” Lena said.

Morris was Baby Bottle Pops. Halloween was the only time of year that she was able to have them.

Youngblood, however, is a Reese’s and candy corn person.

“I don’t understand how anyone could not love candy corn. It is just amazing!” he said.