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GTA V Profit Surpasses $1 Billion

News story picRockstar’s GTA V makes $800 million on first day of release and passes $1 billion in the following two days

Grand Theft Auto V sold millions of copies on it opening day for a total of $800 million in sales. Two days later on Thursday, the $1 billion mark was passed, smashing tons of records.

Though the $60 price may seem high, to many South students, it was worth every penny.

“They definitely could have charged me more, it’s awesome,” said Cole Van Tassel.

The game was released on Tuesday, September 17, for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. According to, it immediately sold 13 million copies on its first day bringing in $800 million. Two days later, on September 19, it was reported that Grand Theft Auto’s sales has passed $1 billion. This broke the previous record of $1 billion in 15 days set by Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

One billion dollars in three days is better than any other Hollywood blockbuster to date. The Development of GTA V had a budget of $260 million. This is the biggest budget of any video game or movie with the exception of Pirates of the Caribbean.

Blake Waters was not planning on buying the game at first, but changed his mind.

“A lot of my friends said it was really good and it looked really fun,” said Waters.

He loves the game because you can rob stores and steal cars.

Another South student, Alex Gross, loves the game.

“They have everything I want and more in Grand Theft Auto V,” said Gross. He is a fan that has been waiting months for the game to come out. His favorite part is all of the little things in the game.

Grand Theft Auto V is projected to make its second billion by the end of this October.