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Defeated the Giants

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The Kansas City Chiefs matched-up the New York Giants

The Chiefs are still undefeated, 4-0, after beating the Giants 31-7. The season had only just begun and looked bright for this years players and staff after the game last Sunday. Each player has performed well and connected with each other during these first four victories. Home field advantage and a winning streak was on their side Sunday, all signs pointed to this exact outcome of the Giants losing yet again.

The game will be a battle until the end since both teams have been struggling to score offensively.

On the other hand, Eli Manning will most certainly be put in bad situations by Kansas City’s dominant defense who already have had 30 passes defended and five interceptions. With veteran leaders like Eric Berry and Tamba Hali commanding the defense an immense amount of pressure on Manning in the pocket. Young new stars like Dontari Poe will also make the difference.

“ If our offense can’t convert, the defense will carry the load,” said senior, Grant Leibee.

In order to get points up on the board this week Alex Smith will have to target more receivers down field. But Jamaal Charles will need to take care of a ground game.

“Jamaal Charles will be a big x-factor because he can run all over and is a threat when receiving,” said longtime Chiefs fan Nylo Clarke, freshman.

Another longtime Chiefs fan Matthew Dieleman, freshman, agreed with Clarke.

He said,” Jamaal’s got juke moves never seen before.”

The ability of Andy Reid to perform in crunch time situation will be a deciding factor as well. He does have the experience but the Chiefs haven’t seen him really tested yet, said Leibee. He said he does seem like a good fit for the team so far.

Mr. James Godfrey, die hard Chiefs fan, said he’s a season veteran coach and doesn’t put up with the politics.

“Ego was a problem with the previous staff,” said Godfrey.

This Sunday’s game was  very interesting. The Chiefs played pretty well throguhout the game and will try to continue their perfect season next week against the Tennessee Titans.