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How-To: String Art

pinterest weekly blog logo  This week will be a string art how-to. String art may sound elementary, but this take on the craft is far more. It can be a great thing to fill that open wall in your room.

  String art is everywhere on Pinterest. The good news is, string art is very easy and is one project whose success is not extremely dependent on following the directions, allowing for creativity. It’s also a very cheap project that requires very few supplies. The bad? There are so many projects out there, but not many quality how-to’s. Hopefully this post will give you some guidance, or at the very least, some ideas. Below, are my two string art projects.

photo 1 string art kstate 2

 First of course, you need supplies.

-Large ball of string (any color you like) I found a cool one at Hobby Lobby that fades to different colors to give the project a more complex look.

-Pack of small nails


-Piece of wood (thick enough to put nails into. Size depends on how large you want to make your project) Mine was about 14” by 14”.

And the last supply, and most important, is an idea of what you design you want to make. I used this picture as my inspiration, but instead of making a heart, I ended up making the K-state logo. So that goes to show that you can make almost anything by applying these guidelines to your idea. Then, I loved this craft so much that I tried it again, and this time made my home state, Missouri.

If you don’t like any of those 3 ideas, here are a few more ideas. One thing I love about this project is that you can make it as simple or as complex as you wish. Anyways, here’s the how-to:

1.) Print out a picture of the design you want to make to use as a decal. (Size it depending on how large your piece of wood is). If you are making it really big and your decal won’t fit on one piece of paper, print parts of it separately or lay down a piece of paper and draw it out yourself.

2.) Cut out the decal and place it on the wood. Along the edges of the decal, hammer in your nails. Don’t hammer them in very deep, just enough to stay in place. Make sure all the nails are the same length, as shown to the right. string art kstate

3.) Now, take your string and tie a knot on any nail. This is where you will start. Now that you have it tied down, you will begin to stretch the string across and loop it behind another nail.

There are different methods depending on your preference and what image you are doing. For the K-State logo, I criss-crossed the string across the other nails in a somewhat random pattern. However, for Missouri, I went in order nail by nail around the image, sometimes doubling up.  It’s up to you on how to do it, but focus on keeping the amount of string in each part of the design balanced.

4.) When you are done, let out some string and tie a knot just like the one you made at the beginning.

5.) Now you’re done! Hang it, gift it, whatever. But just enjoy it. Happy crafting!!