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Summer Jobs

There is a substantial difference between holding a job during the school year and working the same job over the summer. Some students at SouthCapture-summer find it difficult to balance their job during the school year but with more free time during the summer, they are available to work more hours of the week, while sacrificing precious free time.

Strangely enough, the more time a student has to work the less inclined they are to do so. During the school year students feel a greater sense of responsibility, and are therefore more likely to work while in the summer, with the nicer weather, students want to spend their free time outside enjoying the scenic Missouri countryside.

“As much fun as it is spending my days at the booth at Kwik Car, I would much rather spend my time with my wonderful boyfriend Zack,” said senior Caroline Chambers.

While enjoying free time may seem like the thing to do, you need to have spending money to do that and unfortunately for students at South, the only way to acquire that is to work a summer job.

“If I didnt need the money you could almost guarentee that I would not work during the summer,” said junior Josh Hall.

There are a variety of jobs held by students at South. Many students work at places like Hyvee, Stone Canyon, the YMCA, and Hawg Jaw Fritz, there are many others that hold unique jobs such as Tyler Blythe who works at his fathers tuxedo rental shop, Sir Knight, and Nick Smith who is a host at Bonefish Grill.

“I like my job, its pretty simple and i get payed well. It’s the kind of job where you have to know someone to get hired,” said Smith. “Even though I work for my dad, he doesn’t treat me any differently from any other employee.”

Although many students at have jobs there is quite a difference between which students like their jobs and which students hate their jobs and are only employeed so they can have spending money to enjoy their free time activities.

“I don’t really like being a checker at Hyvee because all I do is stand behind a register. I wish I had a job where I could go outside on these nice days and enjoy the weather,” said senior Spenser Braymer.

No matter how much of a pain it is to have a summer job, its well worth it for the experience you will need later in life and for the spending money students crave so badly. Even if you have a poor job there is enough time in a summer vacation to manage both work and play while enjoying your time away from school.