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What A Great Convention : Naka Appreciation

Tomo vs. ByakkoAwesome and strange costumes, vendors and amazing artists, panels and contests, these are just some of the things that you’ll see at the local convention known as Naka Kon. From gaming to panels, Naka is known for having the works of being one of the biggest anime conventions in the Midwestern area.

“My favorite part is hanging out with friends, and seeing peoples cosplays, admiring them and such,” said Hunter Pace, senior. At a convention where its nothing but anime, video games, and other things of the genre, people are sure to meet new people who have the same interests as them.

Having an attendance rate of approximately 2,000 last year, and surely to rise this year, lots of work goes on to set up this convention. One of the main attenders of Naka Kon is the Park Hill South Anime Club. They have won 2 awards in the skit contest that takes place there out of the 3 that are given out.

Naka Kon has a variety of different things you can do. It has game tournaments, a cosplay contest, panels on different anime’s, even a vendor room and artists section, where you can purchase pieces of art and other things. “After taking out guest and staff panels and game shows and such, I’d say we probably got about 60 panel submissions,” said Matt Weston, creator of Motaku.

One of the main attractions of Naka-Kon; however, is the rave it has. Featuring outstanding light systems, and great DJ’s and bands, the raves at Naka are always some of the best around, and some of the outfits that people make just for it are outstanding. Flashy lights, light up hula hoops, staffs, and yo-yos, are just some of the flashy things you’ll find at the raves.

Since it generally takes place by or near a hotel, you can always go up to your room or a friend’s room to relax, as well as be able to just wake up and go down an elevator rather than leave the hotel for the convention, which makes it easier.

Everything works out so orderly, all the panels, the rooms, everything is organized from start to finish of the convention, and people have to wonder what goes into organizing it. They have rule books  maps, and organizers for everyone that attends the convention.

This shows how organized they are in getting the convention together for attendees, as well as gives you a possible idea of what it takes just to afford making one of these, with the many papers they must print out for over 2000 people, and the ink it would take.

“They took on anywhere from $4000 to $6000 in debt their first year, and accumulated debt for the first three years of the con,” said Matt Weston. From tables, to space, to guest stars, they have to pay for it all, and with how much it costs, it can generally lead to some debt being acquired tell more people attend.

One of the hardest parts of the con, isn’t setting it up, but rather tearing it down. Since everyone is exhausted from the con, and they only have one day to do it, it can be quite the drag, and can even go as late as midnight even though they finish around 3 to 4. It’s obvious conventions take quite a lot of work, so next time your at one, take a chance to say thank you to the staff for their work, they do a lot to put it together just for you.

For more information on how to make a con go to my Interview with Matt Weston.