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Swords, Flying Castles, and Games!

Some of you may have heard about it, the new series, already finished with its second chapter and finished at least for awhile, that stars a guy named Kirito who’s an elite gamer. The show Sword Art Online, is about people who get stuck in a game called exactly that, Sword Art Online.

When people go into the game using Nervegear, a type of virtual reality system, the creator of the game itself purposely made absolutely no logout button, and if anyone tries to tamper with the device from the outside, it would release a shockwave killing the player.

What does this mean for the people stuck in the game, it means exactly that, their all stuck, stuck until they beat all 100 floor bosses and beat the game. Its not an easy game either, designed to be a MMORPG with bosses that take giant groups just to put a dent into, makes leveling harder because you have to mass level groups of people.

So, while people are stuck on life support systems in what to seem to be coma like states, their fighting for their life. Only one problem, if you die in the game, you die in real life, that means you have to go through this massive game, all with one life. Will Kirito and others manage to escape, or will they be stuck in the game forever, forced to live their life within it? Only you can find out for yourself.