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Death is something we all live with. We all know that it is the inescapable fact of life.

But our own death is not what this is about it is about the death of others.

Surely, everyone by this age has lost someone. Be it family, pet, friend, or just a total stranger we witnessed the death of should you be unlucky enough. The point is everyone at this state of life has known death.

But people deal with it differently. Laugh, cry, escape. And those are just some of the less destructive potential ones.

If you laugh, and truly laugh, you actually release endorphins, or the “happy” chemicals in your brain, this in itself could make you feel better. Smiling, which is under the same category, does this as well. Of course the down side is that is can be hard to smile or laugh when someone dies. Not to mention the strange stares that you may receive while smiling or laughing at a funeral or the like.

Crying allows yourself to let out the held emotions and just accept that you are in pain. Once you are done, you may actually feel better. One theory is that crying releases stress-related toxins. But scientists do recommend to let your emotions out as it is believed that holding your emotions in is bad for your health.

On the other hand of crying is cause you to start wallowing in self-pity or make you forget the rest of the world in your crying.

Escaping or avoiding the fact is another way people deal with death. While it can help some people not breakdown, it can start to become unhealthy very quickly. You can start to ignore the rest of the world and your responsibility. And fact of the matter is that when you stop escaping the sadness will still be there. Possibly even worse because you might feel bad for doing nothing.

But which is best is not for me to decide. It is something for you to think about and decide for yourself.

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