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Spring Training is Here

What most baseball fans have been longing for since October, Spring Training, is now upon us.

During this time, fans get the most interaction with players that they will ever get. Jobs will be decided. And careers will either be made or broken.

In the offseason, some take it as a joke and sit around at their houses with their families and friends and tend to forget they are being paid millions of dollars to do what they do.

However, the younger ones that have been working since high school to finally get a chance to play in the big leagues, use it to their advantage and attend ever unofficial workout to impress the coaches and the older leaders on the team.

Spring training is also a time where players who had somewhat disapointing seasons, such as Royals 1B Eric Hosmer, get another chance to prove to the coaches and fans that they have potential to become great players.

Coaches cherish this time too. They get to see the talent they have organized over the years and the past offseason, and hand-pick the players they want on their 25-man roster on Opening Day.

Personally, I will be attending the Grapefruit League in Florida, and see teams such as New York Yankees, St. Louis Cardinals and the Boston Red Sox.

In the Cactus League located in Arizona, teams including the Royals, Angels and Dodgers play.

This Spring Training will be interesting to watch and see how prospects bloom or stay inside their cocoon, and what veterans will stay on top of their game, and which will fall and never really be heard of again.

But the real day we are all looking forward to is March 31st, with the Texas Rangers @ Houston Astros. Until then we have Spring Training to hold us over.