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Missouri’s Frank Haith to face NCAA allegations

The University of Missouri head basketball coach, Frank Haith, is facing allegations of an ethics charge from his days back at the University of Miami. The NCAA alleged Haith of “unethical conduct and failure to promote an atmosphere of compliance.”  This is stemming from the case at Miami where players were given improper benefits that included prostitutes, abortions and tattoos.

The NCAA is bringing on these allegations because payments Haith gave to his assistants that he said were for basketball camps were given to Miami donor Nevin Shapiro. Shapiro was the man behind the billion dollar Ponzi scheme at the University of Miami. The NCAA has not officially released these allegations but sources say that the allegations are imminent.

If the allegations are true and Haith has to be punished, the ball is in Missouri’s court. The penalties on Haith could impact Missouri and that’s where they would have to act and possibly fire Haith. A similar situation happened at Tennessee two years ago with Bruce Pearl. Tennessee eventually fired Pearl.

Junior, Andy Lee said, “I don’t want to see Haith go. He has been great for us. But I guess you gotta do what you gotta do.”

Haith has gone 43-9 since being hired at Missouri but these allegations can put their program in jeopardy.