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Kings of the Court

South boys are working to put together a boys’ volleyball team

The nets are set up, volleyballs are flying across the court, shoes are screeching on the floor,  the coach yells, “Do you want to win?” the whistle blows.  You peek in through the window in the gym door to see… boys? Playing volleyball?

This could soon become a possibility this spring as the freshmen boys are working to put together a boys’ volleyball club.

“The girls have a volleyball team. So why can’t the boys?” said Jacob Lane (9), who came up with the idea for the team,“I’m most excited to show the school and the world that men can play volleyball too.”

The club may currently be made up of mostly freshmen, but all high school boys are welcome to join and the freshmen hope that they can get some juniors and seniors to join as well.

“People probably won’t take us seriously at first, but once we start winning hopefully they will,” said Ryan Welty (9).

The boys hope to end up being the team to beat during their season.

“We’re in it to win it, but we’re also going to have some fun too,” said Tanner Owen (9).

For a few years, the boys at South have been trying to get a volleyball team started.  So leave it to the freshmen and new teacher, Somer Stuhlsatz, math, to make things happen.

“People don’t believe us when we say we’re starting a team,” said Owen.

The boys are hoping that Stuhsatz will be the club sponsor and coach to help them plan what they’ll need to in order to prepare for the season.

“I would love to be involved in volleyball in this respect,” said Ms. Stulzhatz, “I’d love seeing the kids that are interested doing something they enjoy outside of my classroom.”

Much like South rugby, the volleyball team won’t be an official school sport, but a club.

“I don’t even know where to start in creating a club,’ said Stulzhatz, “so I’d have to look into that.”

Although there are some complications such as court time, student interest, who they would play, and Ms. Stulzhatz’s children at home, the boys remain hopeful that they will be able to start a club that will last long after they graduate.

“If we end up making this happen,” said Stulzhatz, “I would like the boys to be serious about it because I’d like to be competitive.”