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The Games Called Btooom!

In the world wide game that everyone loves, a sudden series of events leads one of the lead players of Japan, Ryota Sakamoto, to end up on an island, where he plays a real life version of the game.

Waking up with no memories how he got on the island, and having a bag of timer bombs (bombs that explode when the timer runs out, it seems to be auto set to 10 seconds for each bomb) Ryota has no clue what to do, but he isn’t given much time to think when he’s attacked by a guy with cracker style bombs (bombs that explode on impact).

Luckily for Ryota, he has fast reflexes and is able to figure out how to defeat his opponent in this nasty game of bombs and death. But the question he still needs answered is, where is he, how does he get off the island, and is everyone out to kill him like his first encounter of another person was?