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The Walking Dead: Taking over the AMC’s Network

The Walking Dead is a title everyone at South know. A TV series from the AMC network started out with 5.3 million viewers in season one, has now sky-rocked to 10.9 million when season three hit the screen.

This new season is said to be darker then the other two, keeping in line with the comics. The directer of the show plans to keep on course to keep the fans happy. All they need is the okay from the AMC people to get going. So far they seem to enjoy season three turn out. Being that the first two episodes were major hits in ratings.

In this season the group end up in a Prison, a great place to keep them safe? Rick thinks so. And with Lori’s baby on the way very soon, Rick has to keep the group together while birthing this child into the dark world of zombies. With the possibility that their child could be infected as well.

Can the group survie 5 new people, along with Hershals stup of a leg, or even the underling problem with Lori and Rick and the baby?

Tune in every Sunday at 8 p.m. on the AMC network to find out!