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South Accepting Alliance Club

Students discuss issues at the first GSA Meeting. Photo by Laiya Smith

A new club called the ‘Gay Straight Alliance’ was formed Sept. 20 and was attended by 13 members.

“The Alliance Club might cause a controversy, but there are more supporters than people who are against it which will allow it to be successful,” Grant Pace, 9, said.

This club will be beneficial to the school and how people act towards each other, Kathy Nguyen, senior and founder of GSA, said.

“I hope this will help the school have a more accepting atmosphere,” Pace said.

GSA is still open to anyone wanting to join, and will involve activities to do together, possibly including community events like walks.

“This club will give a sense of community for kids who might not have felt a sense of community before,” Somer Stuhlzats, math, said.

Michael O’Dwyer, 9, said people could get to know different views from going to this, but he thinks there’s a potential controversy because of the differences in opinions.

“I don’t know if I’ll join, but I probably would if my friends did,” O’Dwyer said. “I wouldn’t really have a problem with it.”

Although not everyone might agree with it, the Alliance Club will still be allowed and is a functioning school club.

“I assume the school sees a need for a club like this too,” Stuhlzats said.

The Alliance Club will focus on acceptance involving gays, straights, bisexuals and other sexual orientations. The possible disagreements won’t impact the message of acceptance the club is trying to give.

“Not everyone is open to other people being different from what they believe,” Pace said. “I don’t feel my friends and family should be judged any differently, and that’s why I’m joining.”

The next meeting of Gay Straight Alliance will be held next Thursday, Oct. 18 in room B105.

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  1. Good for you South! Love the tolerance! And great reporting – good to hear about something other than sports

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