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Students Utilize Privileges Under New District Filter


Photo by Kelsi Jones

Now that Park Hill School District has a new filter for the district computers, many sites on the internet that were once blocked are now unblocked.
    For many students that means new freedoms, but for teachers that means keeping a closer eye on their students when using the laptops. According to teachers, it’s up to them to watch students and set rules to prevent the abuse of the new filter.
    “I’m not worried about it. My students know their limits,” said Christy Davis, Special Ed. “There is only a select few students that will get in trouble for misusing the internet.”
    Sites that were once blocked, such as Facebook and Youtube, are now unblocked and opened for the students to use.
    “Most of the people I know don’t use Facebook anymore, so I don’t think it will be a problem,” said Jessica Butler, senior.
     Twitter, a common website students participate in, has always been unblocked, along with the less popular website Tumblr.  
     “Twitter has always been unblocked so nothing different will happen,” said Butler.
    Jolina Kline, Computer specialist, is the person who monitors what students and teachers do on the internet. If something bad comes up, she’s the one to know about it.
    “Some kids will use the network as it’s meant to be used, others will abuse it,” said Kline, who was unaware of Facebook being unblocked, and only knew of Youtube.
    Students who do abuse the new filter will be faced with consequences, but Kline said she’s “giving the benefit of the doubt” to all students.