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I Declare A Word War

Hey Little Wizards! Maxx is back to tell you about another cool thing having to do with NaNo. Are you competitive? Do you like challenges? If so, then this is something for you.

Writing a NaNo is incredibly fun, but some times it may seem like you don’t have any motivation to sit down for an hour or so a day and just type the world away. If it gets to the middle of November and you find that you just don’t have any motivation anymore, then you should get with a friend (real or one you find through the NaNo chat boards) and begin a Word War.

Word Wars are when you get together with someone and set a goal that you two must reach – like who can get to 12,000 words the fastest or something along those lines  – and then you can get a counter from the website and the war begins. If you’re incredibly competitive, then this is the thing to do! You’ll get so wrapped up in the fact that you want to defeat the other person that you just write and write without really realizing how much you’re getting down.

And, to end this blog, I challenge my best friend Elie to a Word War! First one to 25,000 words wins. Good luck~

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