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Filter on Park Hill School Computers Gives Students More Freedom

Students use computers under the new filter. Photo by Gena Cockrell

The filter on the school computers in the Park Hill School District has been modified this year, and it now allows students to use more sites that have not been available to them in the past. The filter change is a privilege and teachers and administrators are hopeful that students will use it to their advantage, instead of abusing the power.

When Facebook and YouTube first become popular, they were blocked through the filter on the student laptops. It has been this way for the past few years, but this year South’s Computer Specialist Jolina Kline decided to unblock the two and give the students a chance with using them.

“Things have been going good so far. I never catch my students off task and I’m not sure many of them even know that they can access those websites now,” said Benay Shannon, Science Teacher.

The fact that these websites have been blocked for so long will most likely keep the students away from them. 

Freshman, Vanessa Crawford said, “I don’t think students use the websites as much as the teachers think they do, and I don’t see why they would decide to use them during class, unless it was for a project or something.”

A lot of people seem to think the change is for the better, and as long as students only the websites at appropriate times and for educational purposes, the change will be permanent.

“I think the students deserve a fair chance,” said Kline. “Teachers just need to monitor students when they’re on the laptops and it shouldn’t be a problem.”