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FCA at its Finest

Photo by Rachael Storey

See You at the Pole was held in front of South, around the flagpole, on Sept. 26. People of all ages stood hand in hand praying and talking with each other about South.

    See You at the Pole happens one Wednesday each year and is made possible by FCA, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, another program that is held every Thursday at 7:00 a.m. in the auditorium.

Grace Cooper, freshman, said that See You at the Pole was really fun, but FCA could’ve spread the word more.  

        “ I really enjoyed how each of us got to say what we felt we needed to,” Cooper also said.

    FCA has around 50 people coming regularly each week. They have a speaker prepare a message each week, whether it’s someone who goes to the school, or just a trusted mentor or friend.

Junior Perri Miller said that she really enjoys listening to the speaker each week. FCA also provides music.

    “ I enjoy spending time with other Christians and it’s a great way to start my day,”  Miller also said.

    Although this club is growing they wouldn’t have nearly as many people coming if it weren’t for  Tom Garth, commuinication arts, said Miller.

Garth has about 3-5 of his own students attending FCA regularly. Garthsaid he thinks it’s great students are running FCA and See You At The Pole. It helps them to get involved he said. He said FCA also used to be held in the AVID room because it was bigger, but people just kept coming.

“I hope, in the future, kids continue to run FCA meetings,” said Garth. “It’s a great opportunity to not only share your faith but to share with a passion and to continue to grow with your own walk in life.”