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Counting Contemplation

Another day goes by as we dip into the pool that is Nano Wrimo, little wizards. And with our tips in your hands, lets bump it to the next step.

So you have your coffee or your energy drink stocked up for endless nights of typing and/or writing, a usable computer and a notebook just for story. You also have all of your characters done, unless you’re like me and are still slacking. Hopefully you know your plot.

Now it’s time for the big question, what program can I use to write my story on to count my words?

Good question little wizards. That is easy, there is many places to for that. If you have Microsoft installed, you can use Mirosoft Word, (honestly I just used that for spell check ). For the rest of you there are places like, which is ALWAYS free and easy to use. For those who have a Mac there are a few options for you like: Scrivener (cost money though), Storyist, and WriteWay.

All the above are tools that you can use to make masterpieces out of those cluttered brains of yours. Don’t worry, you’ll do great! Don’t forget to breathe, little wizards, and don’t give up!