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Bridgit Mendler’s “Hurricane”

This weeks free single from iTunes is “Hurricane” by Bridgit Mendler, who acts on Disney Channel sitcom, “Good Luck Charlie”. At first I didn’t want to give her a chance at being good, but I did anyway.

My suspicions were true, the song sucks and nobody should listen to it. On the other hand, some of the songs off her debut album are really catchy and have frequently been played on the radio, such as “Ready or Not”.

Mendler, if signed to another label (not owned by Disney) would have potential of making real music. I think this because when listening to previews of her other songs I can tell how much auto tune and other technology is injected into her songs. The few ballads she had on her album were decent, still not great, but decent.

 So, I don’t think this song is great and I give it two out of five stars, but I think it is still a good idea to keep an eye out for her, because we could have another Miley or Demi on our hands.